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At Fort Worth Tow Truck Company, we know that you use your car to earn a living for you and your family. Your car can break down on the side of the road. You can get into a wreck that can cause your car to be unsafe to drive, even if the accident isn’t your fault. You may even need help to unlock your vehicle, change a flat tire, have fuel delivered in case you run out, and much more.


All of these events can be very stressful, and the last thing you need to worry about is finding help from a reliable tow truck company. Fort Worth Tow Truck Company is here to help you 24 hours a day with all of your towing and roadside assistance needs. Fort Worth Tow Truck Company's main goal is to provide you with the best roadside assistance, towing and dedicated skilled customer-oriented staff. 

Fort Worth Tow Truck Company is the #1 tow truck service when it comes to car or truck towing, vehicle hauling, emergency roadside assistance, and breakdown assistance anywhere in the Fort Worth and the greater Fort Worth area.

All you have to do is search for “tow truck in Fort Worth” and you are guaranteed to find us there willing, ready and able to help you tow your vehicle. We have years of being one of the most affordable, reliable and professional source of towing services in the greater Fort Worth area. So when you search towing Fort Worth,we will be there to provide the best towing service in Fort Worth. 

We work with your schedule and offer 24 hour tow truck service and emergency roadside assistance to help you get back on the road fast. We are experts in providing worry free towing and leverage modern equipment to tow your vehicle to eliminate damages and accidents.

Our trucks are equipped with state of the art GPS Tracking Technology that allows us to pinpoint you on the side of the road and provide you with 24 Hour Roadside Service. Fort Worth Tow Truck Company can accurately provide you an ETA for how fast our tow truck and road side services can come out to help you. We are the best local towing services company in the area and provide the following services in following areas: 

- Tow Truck Service Fort Worth Texas
- Tow Truck Service Arlington Heights
- Tow Truck Service TCU West Cliff
- Tow Truck Service Wedgwood
- Tow Truck Service Western Hills Ridglea
Fort Worth Tow Truck Company has the most affordable rates in town the fastest to arrive. With the combination of being most affordable and the fastest in Fort Worth, we customers first choice with the highest rated and most trusted Tow Truck Service in Fort Worth.

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